‘Ohana Passenger/Cargo Operations

Pilots, Maintenance & Flight Attendants

The name ‘Ohana, the Hawaiian word for family, says it all: keeping in touch with our roots and bringing people together from across the Islands.

‘Ohana by Hawaiian, operated by Empire Airlines, is providing Passenger Service and Cargo Operations inner island to  Oahu, Lanai, Molokai, and Kapalua in West Maui operating a fleet of ATR 42s and ATR 72s


‘Ohana Pilot Information

$5,000 Sign on Bonus and $12,000 Annual Retention Bonus

Free Hawaiian & ‘Ohana Travel Benefits

Guaranteed Interview Program with Hawaiian Airlines


121 Captain 121 First Officer

  ATP with MEL rating
  2500 TT
  1000 PIC
  1000 MEL
  300 Turbine/Turboprop
  500 Crew Time
  121.436 Pilot  Qualification
  1st Class Medical

   ATP with MEL rating 
  1500 TT 
  250 PIC 
  50 MEL 
  All requirements under 61.159 
  IFR Current and Proficient 
  2nd Class Medical

  *Currently accepting R-ATP


121 Captain Pay 121 First Officer Pay

       Year 1    $83,512/yr ($1,606/wk*)
       Year 2    $84,396/yr ($1,623/wk)
       Year 3    $89,960/yr ($1,730/wk)
        * Initial Training 75% - 80% of Year 1 pay

       Year 1    $59,852/yr ($1,151/wk*)
       Year 2    $60,996/yr ($1,173/wk)
       Year 3    $62,140/yr ($1,195/wk)
        * Initial Training 75% - 80% of Year 

CASS (Jumpseat) Privileges
Known Crewmember Program
Domestic Per Diem $1.75/hr
Int’l Per Diem (including AK & HI) $2.00/hr
Extra Pay for Extra Work Adders

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‘Ohana Maintenance Information

$2,500 Sign on Bonus and $6,240 Annual Retention Bonus; Free Hawaiian & ‘Ohana Travel Benefits

What happens on the ground is just as important as in the air. Whether it is routine maintenance or an unscheduled repair, our onsite Maintenance employees make sure our aircraft is in perfect working order prior to takeoff.

Empires goal for our Maintenance Department is to not only repair and maintain our aircraft, but to ensure they have the tools and opportunities to do so to the highest standard. With a emphasis on  providing a safe work environment, promoting a culture of open, honest and direct communication, to build Empire Airlines as a great place to work.

Our maintenance facilities operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on our fleet of ATR’s. This includes preventative maintenance, line maintenance, and scheduled inspections up to and including ‘A-Checks’. Engine changes, sheet metal and composite repairs are all accomplished in-house by our maintenance professionals in accordance with Federal Aviation Regulations and company policies and procedures.

‘Ohana Flight Attendant Information

Free Hawaiian & ‘Ohana Travel Benefits

‘Ohana Flight Attendants are far more than a polished uniform and a great smile. They are champions of safety while seamlessly providing a pleasant and positive travel experience for all of our customers. By keeping our focus firmly on our customers' needs, ‘Ohana Airlines will provide safe, reliable, convenient and comfortable transportation.

As the sole flight attendant on each aircraft, you are the face of ‘Ohana Airlines!

A personal greeting and smile, a kind, courteous and respectful attitude, and a warm and genuine, “Aloha” are the hallmarks of our cabin crews.

A career as a flight attendant is ideal for those who are looking for something outside the norm of a typical 9-5 and who thrive in a non-traditional work environment.   

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