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fedex feeder a&p mechanics

Behind every successful flight is an army of meticulous A & P mechanics ensuring that every FedEx feeder aircraft is in impeccable condition. Ground operations are the unsung heroes of aviation, with aircraft maintenance forming its heart and soul. At Empire Airlines, we pride ourselves on our intricate understanding of this art and science.


From the initial stages of maintenance workscope development to critical aircraft modifications, every step is carefully choreographed. Our services encompass comprehensive aspects such as aircraft storage programs, composite repair, full avionics service, and turbine engine maintenance. We are pioneers in STC development, and our proficiency extends to specialized services like NDT and propeller maintenance.

Aircraft undergo rigorous heavy checks at regular intervals, ensuring that their health remains paramount. Our teams delve deep into reliability analysis and support, ensuring that each aircraft’s maintenance program is tailored for efficiency. Every sheet of metal, every turbine engine, and every avionic component undergoes thorough scrutiny. We are the vanguard, ensuring the FedEx Express feeder fleet’s readiness for the skies.

Empire Airlines holds the safety and well-being of its employees in the highest regard. By fostering a culture of transparency, integrity, and communication, we ensure that every mechanic and avionics technician feels valued and empowered. Here, you’re not just maintaining aircraft – you’re crafting the reliability of flights, ensuring that the legacy of Empire Airlines stands tall.

Our A & P mechanics are not only entrusted with the maintenance of the FedEx feeder fleet but are also armed with a spectrum of skills, ranging from sheet metal repair to reliability analysis and support. As stewards of the ground, their role is pivotal in crafting the success stories that unfold in the air. Join us, and be a part of the crew that elevates Empire Airlines to new heights.