Hubs & Routes: Spanning the Skies of the Western U.S. & Alaska

Navigating the Vast Horizons

At Empire Airlines, our far-reaching network of hubs and routes ensures that cargo swiftly reaches its destination. As we span the diverse landscapes of the western U.S. and the intriguing terrains of Alaska, our operational footprint is as vast as it is strategic. Dive into the crux of our operations below:

Primary Hubs: Heartbeat of Our Network

  • Hayden, Idaho: Central to our command structure, the Hayden hub seamlessly connects vital routes and directs expansive operations.
  • Coeur d’Alene, ID (COE): Nestled in the scenic panoramas of Idaho, this hub acts as a pivotal point connecting the North to the South, facilitating timely and efficient cargo movements.
  • Anchorage, AK (ANC): Serving as our gateway to Alaska, the Anchorage hub is pivotal in ensuring that we meet the unique demands and challenges posed by Alaskan terrains.
  • Portland, OR (PDX): Strategically positioned, our Portland hub caters to the Pacific Northwest, ensuring connectivity across major cities and towns.
  • Rapid City, SD (RAP): Bridging the Midwest, our Rapid City hub plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless cargo flow across central U.S.
  • Fort Worth, TX (AFW): Catering to the heart of Texas, this hub ensures that the state’s bustling businesses receive their cargo on time.
  • Midland, TX (MAF): Positioned to serve the vast expanses of West Texas, the Midland hub is pivotal for the region’s thriving industries.
  • Lubbock, TX (LBB): A key point in our Texas network, Lubbock facilitates a smooth flow of cargo in and out of the state.
  • Bozeman, MT (BZN): Providing access to Montana’s picturesque landscapes, our Bozeman hub ensures that cargo reaches even the most remote areas with ease.
  • Spokane, WA (GEG): Ensuring that the Pacific Northwest remains connected, our Spokane hub plays a central role in our vast network.

Key Routes: An Unending Horizon

  1. Western U.S. Routes: Connecting major cities to quaint towns, we ensure cargo flows smoothly across the region.
  2. Alaskan Adventures: Braving challenging terrains and weather, our flights link essential cargo to the Alaskan communities.

Why Our Network Matters?

  • Extensive Reach: Our routes ensure every destination, no matter how remote, is within our grasp.
  • Operational Excellence: Our strategically located hubs promise quicker turnaround times and efficient transfers.
  • Alaskan Commitment: Understanding the unique Alaskan demands, we guarantee essential goods reach the furthest corners.
Empire Airlines is more than just a FedEx feeder airline. We’re a community bridge, connecting distances and forging alliances. Whether you’re looking to ship cargo, launch a pilot career, or delve into our operations, our intricate network is at its core.