Empire Airlines Fleet: Modern, Efficient, and Ready for the Skies

Discover the Power and Precision of Our Aircraft

At Empire Airlines, our fleet represents a blend of advanced technology and reliability. With each aircraft meticulously maintained and operated by a dedicated team, we ensure that both our crew and cargo are transported efficiently, safely, and punctually.

Dive into the specifics of our diverse fleet:

ATR Series: Cutting-Edge Turboprops

ATR 42s: Known for its versatility and efficiency, the ATR 42 is perfect for short-haul flights, ensuring prompt cargo deliveries and efficient training sessions.

ATR 72s: Building on the success of the 42s, the ATR 72 offers larger cargo space and is optimized for medium-haul routes, proving its value time and again.

  • ATR 72-600F: Representing the latest in the ATR series, the 600s combine advanced technology with enhanced cargo capabilities, ensuring we stay at the forefront of cargo aviation.
Cessna Caravan

Caravan 208s: The Reliable Workhorse

Perfect for operations in diverse terrains, the Caravan 208 is renowned for its rugged reliability. Whether it’s operating in the challenging terrains of Alaska or the dense hubs in the western U.S., the 208 ensures cargo reaches its destination efficiently.

Cessna 408 SkyCourier: The Future of Cargo Aviation

The SkyCourier is the latest addition to our fleet, symbolizing our commitment to advancement and efficiency. With its spacious cargo hold, modern avionics, and twin-turboprop engines, it’s built for tomorrow, serving our cargo needs today.
Sky Courier

Why Choose Our Fleet?

  • Advanced Technology: We constantly upgrade our aircraft with the latest avionics and systems, ensuring that our pilots and techs work with the best in the industry.
  • Safety First: Each aircraft undergoes rigorous checks and maintenance routines, ensuring the utmost safety for both our crew and cargo.
  • Eco-friendly Operations: We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Our modern fleet ensures better fuel efficiency and lower emissions.
Explore the horizons with Empire Airlines. Our fleet, with its mix of reliability and innovation, stands testament to our dedication to excellence, setting us apart in the aviation industry. Whether you’re a potential partner, a prospective pilot, or an aviation enthusiast, our fleet is our pride, and we’re thrilled to share it with the world.